Daily practice.

The quieter you become, the more you‘re able to hear. - Rumi-

I’ve been feeling the pull lately to begin a daily practice. Oh, I’ve begun many times, many different daily practices. Art, The Miracle Morning, yoga, journaling, Jillian Michaels kicking my butt through YouTube, prayer, meditation…. So many starts and stops. What I long for is the longevity of doing something consistently for a long period of time to get to the point where it is harder not to do it than to do it. Where if I don’t do it, I miss it and my day is markedly different and uncomfortable to the point where I can’t not do it.

I am listening to the book Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell and she talks about how she used to be a dabbler. (A dabbler, a dabbler, that’s me!!!) Starting and stopping more daily practices than she can count. (sooooo me). 😫 So her new daily practice that has earned the mark of longevity is a simple 20 minute session as soon as she wakes up. (When our vibrations are naturally high after sleep) Her practice is simply: sourcing, prayer and chanting/dance or walking in nature. I can do that! I can do all of that!

Now, if you know me, you know that I get really excited about things. Like REALLY excited. I am a strong starter but not necessarily a strong follow-through-er or a strong finisher, so only time will tell if I follow through on committing to myself in this way. All I can say is that this sounds totally do-able and such a beautiful way to start the day. I’ll see you tomorrow in the AM, Lisa! 👊🏽

Taking this year off

My youngest has entered full time school this year. It is a milestone year for him and also for me! Having all my kids in school full time feels - life changing, luxurious and unfortunately guilt-inducing. I feel I am expected to work - to bring in an income in my 6 free hours each day.

There are no words to express the joy that I feel when walking into my home after dropping off my kids and feeling the magic of 6 hours to myself alone in my own home to do anything that I choose. I walk in my doors everyday and smile or laugh or put my arms in the air and give thanks for my home and my life and the beauty of my place in life right now. I question daily if I would be willing to give up this time in exchange for a job. The answer is always no - yet I long to work. To find meaningful work that allows me to grow and learn and express my creativity and put something of myself into the world and in exchange, earn an income to put towards our dream of a new house and towards all the life I imagine living.

I have decided to gift myself this year. The full school year which is 8.5 more months. There are SO many things I am personally working on spiritually, physically, emotionally and in our home. I am trusting that in taking this time for myself, I will find the answers I am looking for and in blogging daily, I will start to see patterns in what I love to talk about that might help point in the direction I will choose to move in.

Living Danishly - Part 1

I just started listening to the Book 'The Year of Living Danishly' by Helen Russell. She is a Londoner who's husband gets a dream job offer to work for LEGO headquarters in a remote rural town in Denmark.  I am in Chapter 2 but I just had to stop to get a grip on myself because I am feeling so incredibly inspired and in awe. I need to Danish-ify my home! Like right now! I can't even explain how excited I am to de-clutter and create a beautiful, tidy, fresh, minimalist space. This has been my goal for my home for years but it has always eluded me. Something feels different this time so I'm just going to go with it and ride the wave and see where it takes me. I'll write more later, but for now I have to go and excitedly get started!

Daily writing

I am not a great writer. I would like to be, but currently, I am not. I have never been great at grammar or remembering the meanings of words or thinking up interesting and imaginative ways to express something. I have friends who are amazing writers and a sister who is an excellent writer and I am always in awe of the way they can play with words and imagery and descriptions. 

For me, I am obsessed with design and space and architecture and buildings and natural design and the feelings that being in a well-designed space can illicit. This is the only thing that makes me want to write forever or talk all night long to anyone who would care to listen. What better way to try to become a better writer than to write about something that I am intensely interested in.

I recently listened to an interview that Marie Forleo did with Seth Godin where he talks about blogging. He invites anyone who would choose to accept the challenge to blog daily. He said that in the practice of writing daily you begin to live your days in a way where you are perpetually looking for something worthy of writing about. This perpetual observation and internal inquiry create a certain flavour of days. A certain quality of looking for and focusing on things of value - things worthy of sharing. 

This is what I'm going to attempt here. To write daily. One sentence or an essay. A simple idea or a complicated explanation of complicated thoughts. What would happen if I wrote daily for the rest of this year?  Would I become a better writer? Would I become better at observing the world as I looked for things worth sharing? I guess I'll find out! 

House dreams

There is nothing that I desire more in life (materially speaking) than a house that I can renovate. House shopping for that perfect base sounds like pure magic. That slate on which to add and edit and remove and preserve and create. 

I want to bathe myself in beautiful space. I want to be consumed by a well-designed space. I want to spend my life in spaces that bring out the best in me.

I am so thankful in advance of this being a reality for me as I wait in quiet expectaion of our next home.